Sunday, 7 August 2016

45th Thought

Our Body.

If people could change the way of how to look at themselves, this would be a completely different world.

It's not what our bodies look like, it's what is it unto itself that is significant. What is it for? What does it serve? What does it hold? What does it radiate? What COULD it radiate? What does it enable.

There are so many ways of looking at it and yet the majority of us look at it and just see what it looks like. And then all we do is measure it, compare it against some set of strange and useless rules and requirements that don't have anything to do with anything that matters in the grand scheme of anything.

It is an amazing piece of technology, perfectly tuned into and in itself in tune with Life, the Universe, Nature and our fellow beings (human and otherwise), but we have resorted to seeing it only as something to look at, to objectify, to primp and preen about, causing us to disconnect from our own very selves, let alone everything and everyone around us.

You are not your body. You have one. You live in it and you can be and do in and with it. But whilst you spend all your time worrying about how it looks, you aren't fully engaged with it's possibilities and therefore are not giving the YOU of you full access to your human potentiality.

Awe and Wonder, my friends. Awe and wonder is the attitude to have towards the vehicle you are in - and then use it to do what you love to do.

My body rocks! And so does yours.

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